Horizxon Limited


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Horizxon Limited isn't just a name, it's the future I'm building. This dream tech company that started in 2021 represents the potential to revolutionize the industry, a blank canvas waiting to be splashed with innovation.

✦ For me, Horizxon Limited isn't just a company.


It's the tech horizon I'm determined to reach. While others might not see it yet, I have an unwavering belief in its potential to become a major player. It's like a seedling with the potential to become a mighty oak, and I'm dedicated to nurturing its growth and future success.


The journey from a small project to a larger imagination. My dream of starting my own company has been with me since high school. Back in 2021, I even started a small project named Cruz Studios with a friend of mine, Sya. Cruz Studios was a modest Discord community with over 3500 people, which I eventually traded for a game account.🤦‍♂️


Horizxon Limited is now more than just a project, it's a fresh start. Unlike the past, I'm laser-focused and energized to make it work. With discipline and new ideas, Horizxon is poised to finally reach its full potential.